Top 5 Best PS3 Accessories

If you’re looking for cool ps3 accessories for the Sony PS3 to improve your gaming, and extra functionality, or to get as a gift for someone who loves playing games on their PlayStation 3 consoles,then take a look at this top 10 list. I’ve picked out a selection of the coolest gadgets that goes well with the PS3 console. I hope you like them!
Of course you may not disagree with my choices for this top ten selections, so, do not bite your tongue, or it’ll hurt – Type it and leave your personal ideas in the comment box at the bottom of the page. I am always happy to evaluate any general feedbacks or comments that you want to make.


Without any doubt, among all PS3 accessories, DualShock 3 Sixaxis Wireless Controller is certainly to be the top one that drives the most influence around us. A major feature of the Sixaxis controller, and from where its name is derived, is the ability to sense both rotational orientation and translational acceleration along all three dimensional axes, providing six degrees of freedom.
Definitely,this is a must -have for all Play-station gamers. If you have already bought yourself one, or are planning to,then you might also compare and grab available models.

Playstation3 Move

PlayStation3 Move
PlayStation Move is implemented on the existing PlayStation 3 console. The PlayStation3 Move motion controller features an orb at the head which can glow in any of a full range of colors using RGB light-emitting diodes (LEDs).Based on the colors in the user environment captured by the PlayStation Eye camera, the system dynamically selects an orb color that can be distinguished from the rest of the scene.
The motion controller features vibration-based haptic technology. In addition to providing a tracking reference, the controller’s orb light can be used to provide visual feedback, simulating aesthetic effects such as the muzzle flash of a gun, or the paint on a brush.This gaming tool is as popular as the dualshock3 wireless controller in all ps3 accessories.

Blue-ray Remotes

Blu-ray Remotes
The official PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remote is a Bluetooth remote control which features standard Blu-ray and DVD remote functions such as chapter display/select and one-touch menu control. In addition, it has all the DualShock 3’s buttons: D-Pad, four different shaped buttons, L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, Start, Select and a PS button for turning on and off your PS3 and going to the XMB.

PlayStation Eye is an updated version of the EyeToy USB webcam designed for the

PlayStation 3. It does not work with PS2 EyeToy games, but the PS3 does support the PlayStation 2 EyeToy, using its camera and microphone functionalities.A firmware update enabled the PlayStation 3 to support all USB webcams which used the USB Video Class. Personally,among all these five PS3 accessories,I’m keen into this special eye for its smart and nimble function.

Official Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Official Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The official headset allows for high quality voice-chat, and provides volume level, battery level, charging status and connection status indicators on the PS3’s on-screen display. The headset can be used as a microphone when docked in the charging cradle – voice output from PS3 is automatically transferred to the TV in this case. The official PS3 headset is also compatible with the PSP Go, as well as Bluetooth capable PCs and mobile phones.

Beside the above five ps3 accessories, there still bundled with many other popular ones, so if you guys have more choices for ps3 accessories to illustrate, just leave your words in the comment box

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